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I love to read language blogs! I probably spend more time reading language blogs than I do actually learning languages…

Why do I love them so much? That’s for another blog post… 

It boils down to the amazing value I get from them, and the variety of things I can learn through reading different bloggers. I find lots of motivation from hearing the ups and downs of their journey in reading these blogs. I also like the fact that it feels like talking to a person - language learning at home can be a lonely process sometimes and it is nice to feel like there are other people doing the same things, even if it’s halfway across the world!

In this post, I will show you 6 language blogs that I love to read. I will tell you:

  • Who runs them
  • What they write about
  • What makes them so awesome
  • ...and some great posts to read from each blog!

So, let’s get into blog number one!

Crashed Culture

The first awesome blog on this list is Crashed Culture. I only discovered Crashed Culture recently, but I already love it!

Crashed Culture mainly posts reviews of language learning apps and programmes. They have reviewed lots of well-known language learning options (Duolingo, Innovative Language, etc.), but also some smaller ones which I hadn’t heard of until reading the posts.

The blogger behind the posts (and youtube videos) is Jamie. Jamie is a language learner from Florida, who has been learning languages on and off since high school. She says that she used to have lots of trouble with various issues in her language learning and she tried to follow what other language learners and polyglots were doing, but it never seemed to work for her. Now, she helps language learners to rework their language learning strategies, with resources and advice catered to their own goals, budgets and lifestyles. She is currently learning Spanish.

I love the critical way that Jamie writes the Crashed Culture posts. She gives both sides of the argument and leaves room for your own opinion instead of just saying “this is the best and this doesn’t work” in her posts (no uninformative cookie-cutter answer at Crashed Culture)!

If I have convinced you to go and check out Crashed Culture, I recommend reading this review of LinQ and this more critical review of the Fluent Forever App. If you decide to comment, tell her that you came from here!

Cultured Simplicity

Another blog that I love is Cultured Simplicity

Cultured Simplicity is a blog covering language learning and cultural awareness. Posts talk about digital immersion and tips for “atypical language learners.”

The full-time student who runs this amazing blog (along with her Etsy Shop) is Ciara Smith. Her mission is to “help other broke students master language through digital immersion.” She is learning Vietnamese, and she shares her experiences in budget-friendly language acquisition.


I love Cultured Simplicity because Ciara’s tips and ideas are all made for people with busy lives and limited budgets. Her 21 hours of language learning per week is something incredible to aspire to, but her posts are still relevant to me however long I study for. Written from a student’s perspective, Cultured Simplicity gives me self-care and Netflix suggestions (both related to language learning as well of course!) which I think are a great addition to a wonderful language blog. 

If you are reading Cultured Simplicity for the first time, any post will probably hook you in but I particularly loved this post, about tracking your progress in languages learning.

Lindsay Does Languages

Lindsay Does Languages*  is a wonderful language blog full of personality and variety - it feels very upbeat and is so fun to read, with shedloads of amazing insight. This blog covers many aspects of learning and teaching languages, when you are doing it solo (like lots of us!).

Lindsay Does Languages is (obviously) written by Lindsay. She is a language teacher and polyglot, who has studied 13 languages (wooooow). She co-hosts #ClearTheList (a challenge to “clear the list” of languages that you want to learn, by setting and sharing monthly goals with an awesome community).

I love this blog because Lindsay’s language teacher perspective makes it super informative, giving not just experience from her but also from all of her students. Her amazing writing along with experience and teaching background make her posts super useful and fun to read!

I recommend reading her post about mistake goals  - even if you don’t use the method, the mentality is something we all need to adopt!

(*This links to her Pinterest board instead of her website as it is easier to find posts, but check out her website too for other amazing, non-blog post resources).

Discover Discomfort

Discover Discomfort is a great blog covering languages and travel.

Dana and Jo, the Discover Discomfort team, are travellers who love to embrace new cultures and languages and live outside of their comfort zone. They are italki enthusiasts and  Anki experts, and all-round wonderful language learners.

I love Discover Discomfort because of the cultural exploring (is that a thing?), travel perspective that makes this blog so unique. Dana has learned 9 languages, with a variety of features (Egyptian Arabic, Swahili and Korean to name a few - very different from one another), so his insight is very well-rounded and interesting to read. The posts are full of detailed information that dives super deep, further than many of the other blog posts on similar topics.

To see an example of their unique, in-depth posts, I recommend starting with this post about learning a language with Netflix (featuring info on VPNs, multi-language subtitles and even downloading subtitles for study purposes)! Let me know what you think after you have read it…

Fluency Pending

Fluency Pending is definitely my favourite language learning blog! 

Run by Elzette, a South African writer, Fluency Pending is a wonderful blog logging her journey learning Mandarin Chinese and Korean and giving tips on what she picks up along the way. 


Fluency Pending’s posts are easy to read and understand, usually in a clear and concise list form. This makes it really easy to read the posts for leisure (like how you watch YouTube videos) without feeling like it is hard work. The content of the posts is always entertaining and valuable, and Elzette’s perspective is really useful and interesting to hear.

If you are new to Fluency Pending, check out this post about italki for introverts (I find it useful as an extrovert as well), and also sign up to get the 7-day language challenge (an amazing free workbook I used to improve my mindset in language learning, set and smash my goals and stop feeling overwhelmed by the mass of things to learn - try it out)! 


Blissogirl is another blog that I enjoy reading. There hadn’t been any posts for a few months (at time of writing), but a new post appeared recently so I am hoping that Blissogirl blog is back!

Run by Sofía, a bilingual 24-year-old learning Korean and Italian, Blissogirl sells courses and printables and writes a great blog about organization for women language learners (although all the tips she shares are relevant to everyone).

I love the girly feeling of blissogirl, although it took a while to get used to as it is quite different from other blogs that I read. I also enjoy the fact that most of Sofía’s tips don’t require any money at all (apart from when she mentions her printables and courses, which are painfully tempting…) - great for sticking to your budget in most cases!

I constantly refer to this post about verbs in my study, and I also really enjoyed learning how to make a study curriculum myself using another blissogirl post as well. Check it out!


I hope that you enjoyed this post! Fingers crossed that you find a blog you enjoy from this list!

Which blogs do you recommend? Let me know in the comments and I will check them out!


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